Indo-Pak tug of war: Ugliest face of Nationalism

Charles Tilly rightly argued that war-making leads to state-making, therefore states intentionally make wars, hence collect taxes or funds from public, which is in itself not much different from protection racketeering. This idea of Tilly validates itself when applied upon the tug of war scenario of India and Pakistan, where states keep on threatening each other, thereby “make war” under the name of nationalism. Nationalism is defined as an ideology or a strong belief that involves an individual identifying with one nation. The modernist perspective of nationalism puts this ideology under a category which is formed by the process of modernization and thereby call it a recent phenomenon.

Nationalism has led the armies of both countries to stand eye-ball to eye-ball, threatening each other, molesting one another through a million of ways. Its nationalism which does not allow both countries to focus on cooperation, economic development and their common cultural heritage and history. India and Pakistan, both countries are being driven by the worst forms of nationalism, and in this process the ordinary people are being terribly affected. Not only ordinary people, but those army men who sacrifice their lives for their country’s safety are also being exploited badly under the name of nationalism. Just because they were born on this side of border, they not only fight against “them” blindly hating the other side men but also sacrifice their own lives. Both countries kill each others’ men to show power. Those who kill the people on other side of border feel a sense of grace and honor upon this very act of killing. Nationalism is driving both countries to fund each others’ rebellious groups in different parts of countries, resulting in more killings of ordinary people.

Its time to stop and think that why do we believe what we believe? How do we know what we know? Every innocent child in both countries has some negative sense associated, if not hatred, with the people living on other side of border. Its time to think why it is like that and what exactly are we fighting for?


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