Do you feel this emptiness?


What’s this which I feel in my chest right after a carefree loud laughter while sitting among my best friends in a cafeteria of the most prestigious university of this country? The similar pain appears in my chest while watching TV, listening to music, driving my car, playing with a child and even praying. Dance seems to me a lame activity of body, coffee has become a mere drink, fashion looks like stupid bandwagon; and laughters seem to be artificial. I can feel myself tied up in chains. I can see these chains but I do not know how to break them. Do you feel yourself tied up in these chains?

Why do I ask myself “Now what’s next” while coming down through stairs right after receiving my degree at the stage amidst a loud applause. Every evening while holding a cup of tea in my hands while walking through a cheerful street near my home, I question myself “What’s the meaning of this very life?”

Today’s modernized life, despite providing comforts and ease, has put us in constant robotic struggle. Although this constant struggle, to achieve happiness, has lead to great “progress” (depends on how one defines progress), but it certainly has snatched away satisfaction from our lives. “To gain more and more” has become our motto.

Lets listen to the screams of our souls from inside which question that whats the end of this struggle?

Do you hear these screams?

Do you feel this emptiness?


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