The illusion of “normal”

Someone said, “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” This statement presents a new meaning to normal and questions all definitions of what we call “normal”. This fact is most apparent in cross cultural interactions. I experienced it during my five months stay at United States last year. Yes, its completely normal for me to put a pinch of salt on an orange to give salty flavor to its delicious taste, but I must tell you, its not at all normal for them which I understood through their loud face expressions. It was normal for Americans to get drunk on Friday nights whereas I used to watch seasons whole night while eating noodles. “Normal” changes everywhere you go. Therefore, considering “what you believe” is normal and the rest of the world is abnormal is not a correct way of understanding. This principle must be understood and completely absorbed by those who are planning to travel especially to another culture’s site.

Mark my words, once you begin to understand the dynamics of normal across various cultures, you will begin to see a new world of bright colors!


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