When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade

LifeLife is harsh. Its mysterious. Its beautiful, yet ugly. And it truly is, deceitful. It breaks your dreams like a ball of glass. It destroys your pride and makes you realize that you are worth of nothing. It carries you all the way to the top of the world and then throws you back to the ground with much force. When you fall down, you may shatter. You may get destroyed. But you may bounce back, with equivalent force and reach to the new heights, experience new horizon and fly in a much better way. The choices of how one walks through the trek of life totally depend on the person himself. Its one’s attitude towards life which makes all the difference. Every human falls down in life but only the successful ones pick themselves back up. Life throws lemons to everyone, but only the courageous ones make lemonade out of it. Just carry a positive attitude and have faith in you. You and only you can turn things around again!


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