A journey of self discovery



“There was a time two years back when I became skeptical about our social customs, norms and religion. I began to question the unquestionable. I looked for answers but found none. I got lost. My soul screamed but my ears could not hear. I wandered in dark alleys, looking for reason, the sole reason”, she said with deep eyes focused in nothingness. “But today the heart which beats in my chest is a true believer. Believer of what modern age calls illogical.” She smiled after recovering from a set of sharp memories.

“What led you back to faith?” he asked with the tone which she is very accustomed to. Vivid and loud. His question was apparently very simple but it contained in itself much poignancy for her.

“What led me back to faith!”, she repeated his words in the same manner. Vivid and loud. But answered quietly under her lips, “Your Eyes”.  He did not listen may be, she later thought.

Eyes tell her the untold stories. Eyes question the unquestionable. When she was ignored, his eyes cared for her in uttermost. Eyes are dreams, eyes are open books, sometimes reflections, sometimes deception. Eyes call the soul back from dark alleys. Eyes are faith, but sometimes addiction. They teach the meaning of faith. Eyes give hope, yet utter dismay. Eyes show the way to life, yet put in death row. Eyes love, yet hide it.

Yes it was his eyes which made her believe in the presence of Supreme Being looking at her lovingly and compassionately. It was through his eyes, she learned the tenderness of life, temporariness of world, dignity of human and brightness of love. It was only through his eyes, she had found herself.


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