Stop, Look and Go

“Stop, look, go”, is not a mere rule to cross any road rather its a combination of three wise words which can revolutionize our small worlds. David Steindl-Rast, a monk and interfaith scholar, presents this idea that in today’s world where our lives are no better than a rat race, there is a dire need to find little opportunities to be grateful for what we already have. The problem with modern lifestyle is that we do not stop. We lack the ability to look around and appreciate little blessings we are surrounded by. Even if we make an effort to look, we are clueless what to look for.

For any productive action, we need to stop. Energize. Gain positivity through the very act of kindness and gratefulness. Once we become positive, we generate ripples of positivity around us which not only promotes positive action, but revolutionizes our worlds. Today’s modern man, despite hoarding material comforts, lacks satisfaction.  Even though each and every human being wants happiness, ironically happiness is one of the most rare elements of today’s life. I think the problem lies in the “formula of happiness” which we blindly believe in. Most of us believe that if we work hard, we will become successful and only then we will be able to attain happiness. Now, think about this circle of success and happiness around which our whole selves dance. This formula is problematic because we have made success a pre-requisite for attaining happiness, while on the other hand we never achieve the level of success because whenever we achieve that level, we push it further and then begin to rush behind it. Thus we never attain the goal of happiness.

Its important to analyze this problematic formula and fix it. An easy way of doing that is getting happiness though acts of gratefulness instead of targeting success. And the levels of gratefulness can be attained through the simple rule of three words “stop, look, go”.


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