Hope is the buoy of Life

Hope-2-570x3791As they say, life is not a bed of roses. It’s full of pains, miseries, unanswered questions, failures, doubts and sometimes fruitless efforts. There come times when one desperately looks for a “quit” button in life. Yet, it is worth living. The only factor which makes it beautiful amidst all the pains it gives, is hope. Hope, a buoy of life, has power to bring someone back from the edge. Hope provides a ray of light in directionless darkness. It is only hope which keeps willpower of a vegetative patient alive to fight for life every day. It is only hope which can unite a broken nation and make it stand once again after being completely destroyed from nuclear attacks. It is hope which forces a mother to get up every morning, walk a kilometer to that village and look for her child in the ruins of her broken house, years after the earthquake. It is only hope which makes the fighter to attack once again and win the territory after losing sixteen times before. It is hope which motivates us every morning to get up from bed and begin the fight once again that had broken us last night. Where there is hope, there is life.


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