When I will be a mom…

momWhen I will be a mom, I will tell my daughter that baby, this place known as world is a weird one. Here, life is colorful, yet painful. People say that the best way to live happily is to avoid bad. Avoid pain. Be defensive and clench your fists. Shut your window and halt the incoming noises. But baby you should not fold your hands, instead open them to embrace all pain, suffering and most importantly pleasure which clenched fists can not. Open your windows to hear the music of life, which is sometimes musical and sometimes not. Do not shut your eyes when your fears stand right in front of you. Run. Fall. Put yourself back up. Run again. Baby, do not avoid falling while running towards your goals. Do not underestimate the value of failures, loneliness, defeats, pains and falls. All you need to do while walking through this journey of life is to open your arms and embrace bads as you embrace goods. Accept your vulnerability. And walk with pride.


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