End of year

And here approaches the end of 2015. End of another year. End of another struggle.

We began with high hopes, plans and fresh dreams. We ended with broken hearts and vanished lights. We struggled. We lost.

Thats the story of each and every year quickly passing by in our journey. Same ambitions, same struggles, same heartbreaks and same losses.

Yet, we rise again. New year begins with new hopes, new desires. New goals and new pleasures. Atleast we dream. And thats what defines life.

This year instead of making a yearly to-do list, which includes our enthusiastic goals for studies, jobs or business etc, at January 1st, we shall get an empty box. Yes, you heard it right, just an empty box. Keep that empty box in your closet and whenever something good happens in 2016 you just put a note in there. Lock that beautiful and hope-filling smile which a stranger gave you in a park that evening, in a note and put it in the box. Write in your note how tasty that last sip of coffee was. Include the name of your next door neighbor whose presence never let you feel lonely in blocks. Fill that box with each and every beautiful moment that you felt in 2016 during whole year. By the end of 2016 when you will read those small notes, your definition of happiness might change and hence 2016 ends differently!



2 thoughts on “End of year

  1. A great idea to realize the blessings of the year rather than griefs. Indeed it is easier for a human brain to remember the sorrows and griefs while take the happiness and blessings for granted. There is nothing constant in life. Everyday, there are highs and lows, moments of absolute joys and moments of utter sadness. If only we could focus on the highs and the joys, our lives and this world overall would become a much better place to live in.


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