Yes, you are a human too

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAAYAAAAJDQzZDNjNGM4LTI4MWYtNDlhMS1hOGE0LTc2MTY2NTc1NzBjOAAre you a human? Do you believe that you are a human? Do you know why do you believe in what you believe?

Have you continuously repeated a simple word for many times that it began to sound weird?
Have you ever thought why is your name what your name is?
Have you ever tried to lick your elbow?
Are you trying it right now?
Do you get jealous and then do not accept it even in your own head?
Have you ever made effort with a full belief in your self, although everyone told you that you would fail?
Have you ever looked for “exit” from this world?
Do you stand in front of mirror in order to stop your continuously flowing tears?
Do you know that love is painful?
Have you ever aspired desperately to know the truth?
Have you ever shed tears in darkness after getting deceived. Badly deceived?
Have you ever read someone’s eyes? The eyes that meant a lot to you once!
Have you ever been told that you matter but actually you did not?
Have you ever asked yourself how do you know what you know?
Do you still trust someone after getting hurt a many time?
Do you begin your day with a new energy every day and break your self every night?

Yes, you are a human too.


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