Drawing Room Discussions

povHave you ever seen desire in the eyes of a homeless child? This desire, which is usually reflected in the form of pain, is so strong that it takes an effort to harden your heart and make an eye contact with him. And if one dares to see down to his bare feet on the rough road tracks heated up during summer afternoons, I believe that at least for many among us, it takes much time to forget that painful sight. This reminds of Anthony Horowitz’s words: “Childhood, after all, is the first precious coin that poverty steals from a child”.

Mother earth does not nurture all of the beings walking on it, equally. It, sadly, does not treat each one of us nicely. There do exist people who have to struggle day and night in order to bring food for their children. There do exist people who have to sell their belongings, dreams and sometimes even self-respect in order to survive in the wilderness. Survival, mere survival is challenge to many. Forget the fulfillment of dreams!

People with eyes often criticize the people with pockets for ignoring and even exploiting the poor ones. However, its just not true. Those who have “enough” have not completely forgotten them. These poor people often become the topic of our drawing room discussions while having tea with friends…


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