Problem lies in the roots



Raising children is a quiet difficult task. It requires excessive level of patience, love and stability (read economic stability as well). When I see the fact that to raise one’s child takes much of one’s energies, money and time I am bound to fall on the conclusion that not everyone has enough capacity to raise a child in a good manner. Everyone does not possess that much level of patience to keep smiling in front of one’s child even when whole of his or her world is falling apart. Everyone does not have enough money to fulfill the child’s needs and desires. Everyone does not have that much level of emotional stability to patiently listen to the child’s cries in the middle of night. Yet, everyone (almost everyone) wish to have children! I have not seen many people who do not want to have kids ever in their lives. Now the question which strikes my head is that despite lacking enough capabilities to raise a child in the right way, people want to have them. So what are the consequences of this approach? What I see is that those who are not capable enough and yet have children end up in creating disasters! Yes terrible disasters.
Moreover, the fanatics, cheaters, sinners, liars, murderers and all such people of our society are actually the product of improper bringing up in their childhoods. Those who were responsible for their upbringing did not possess enough talent to make their children good and useful citizens. Clearly problem lies in the roots.

Our generation can bring much difference in the world if they cater these problems which lie in the roots. Thus, each one of us must think twice before having children that whether we are capable enough to fulfill all the needs of those innocent souls once we bring them in this brutal world. By capable enough I not only mean economic or social stability but emotional stability as well. If you get a slightest of feeling that you are not then first make yourself stable enough and in the meantime help cleaning the environment a little!


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