“Ctrl+Z” in life


Have you ever pleaded for another chance? Yes, you are not alone in doing that. We all want to get second chances at some point in time.
We make mistakes. We grow. We live and we surely do regret. Life is cruel because it never gives us second chances. Whats done is always done and there is no way of coming back. This is the first lesson of life which we learn when we grow up. Imagine how would have things occurred, if we had an option of “Ctrl+Z” in our real lives! Imagine if we could undo our deeds, actions and most importantly spoken words!

But, there exists a bright side of the picture as well. Although life does not give us an opportunity of complete do-overs but it teaches us strong lessons, through our mistakes. Although it never gives us second chances,but it teaches how to play better second time. As they say, every breath is definitely a second chance!


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