Beauty of Vulnerability


Our world is standing upon the fundamental and most ignored element called “connection”. Life exists due to connection. Its the connection between people which makes societies and ultimately countries. Its the connection between souls which gives birth to emotions. Its the connection between life and death between which humans dance. Connection is what which gives meaning to our lives. Connection is the reason why we are here. Human connection results in empathy. The greater the empathy the more the love. Where there is love, there exists fear, as a necessary part. And where there is fear there exists vulnerability. The ability to feel vulnerable is one of the most hated and looked upon feelings. However, I see vulnerability as the beauty of life.

Yes you heard it right! Vulnerability is beautiful. Have you ever seen a new born child with little cute eyes and lips, fragile bodies, low voices, and most importantly vulnerable, which essentially makes the child lovable. The child grows and becomes a man but vulnerability stays with him. The only difference between a child and a fully grown up man is that unlike child, man is afraid to accept his vulnerability. Instead of accepting it, he is actually ashamed of it. Research shows that those people who accept their vulnerabilities are much happier than those who deny that. Those who accept their bads as openly as they do their goods are more social, have better sense of belonging, are more successful (emotionally) and happier.

Humans are the best creatures, yet not perfect. And essentially they are best because they are imperfect. Their weaknesses, their failures and their ability to be vulnerable makes them beautiful. Therefore instead of denying our vulnerability, lets accept it with open arms. Make connections with others. Accept our own very self. Carry our vulnerability. And lets humanize a little!


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