The Poverty of a Post-Humanist World

Source: The Poverty of a Post-Humanist World

“…These days we all like beautiful things. Everybody approves of art. But the culture does not attach as much emotional, intellectual or spiritual weight to beauty. We live, as Leon Wieseltier wrote in an essay for The Times Book Review, in a post-humanist moment. That which can be measured with data is valorized. Economists are experts on happiness. The world is understood primarily as the product of impersonal forces; the nonmaterial dimensions of life explained by the material ones…

…The shift to post-humanism has left the world beauty-poor and meaning-deprived. It’s not so much that we need more artists and bigger audiences, though that would be nice. It’s that we accidentally abandoned a worldview that showed how art can be used to cultivate the fullest inner life. We left behind an ethos that reminded people of the links between the beautiful, the true and the good — the way pleasure and love can lead to nobility…”

-David Brooks “When Beauty Strikes”




One thought on “The Poverty of a Post-Humanist World

  1. I’m not sure I agree, although I can see there is a blog post in it. I personally believe all technology is geared to provide brevity of experience, constantly in the quest for increased pace – we are driven rather than running, directed rather than freed. The love of art is still there, but the old adage still applies. ‘Art for art’s sake, money for God’s sake’.

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