What makes a good writer?


Writing is a way to express oneself via words. As eyes are windows to soul, writing is a path towards soul. It enables one to translate his or her emotions, experiences and thoughts into words and share them with the world. But writing is not limited to putting ideas on paper, rather its the name of a whole cognitive process which comes down to life and takes place through language. It is often asked what does it take to be a good writer.
When a writer writes, its not just writing, rather its writing to an audience which makes this process a social act, that carries a social responsibility in itself. Those who understand this basic phenomenon tend to be good writers. Moreover, good writing takes concrete writing, focused goal, organization of ideas, logical arguments, relevant instances, smoothness, appropriate tone and flow. However, all of these essential qualities work only when the writer recognizes the needs, expectations and interests of his or her audience and explores new connections. A good writer is the one who deeply connects with the readers, reveals new ideas, keeps their interest till the last line, and carries them with him through the whole journey of discovery.
Along with that, there is requirement of maintaining clarity and coherence in writing while expressing one’s ideas. When a writer is in the process of writing, ideas do not come to him or her in linear order rather its usually a hunch of thoughts that come in disorderly manner. Now its upon the writer how he manages thoughts and places them in order while writing. Good writers know this skill of management of ideas and their placement in order quite well, which makes their writing clear and coherent.
One of the most significant elements to make writing readable is editing. While we write we constantly erase and rewrite. This is not only natural but also important part of writing process which needs to be done effectively. Editing brings brevity to writing, shapes arguments and makes it more relevant.
Writing is all about discovering new ideas, themes, wisdom and essentially one’s self. It is said, “I don’t know what I think until I read what I’ve said”. Therefore, good writing provides a site not only to the readers but also to the writer to discover the mystery and reveal new ideas and knowledge.


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