Beyond what ifs…

There are times in our lives when we rewind what has happened before again and again. We all do that. We do it in every moment of grief. We do it in every bit of regret. We keep on pressing replay button under the tag of “what if”. What if the events unfolded a little differently and delivered very opposite outcomes. What if I knew that before. What if I had said yes. What if…

What if I stop rewinding time again and again, and start embracing the reality? What if I forgive myself and move on? What if we all begin from zero all over again? Isnt it time to move beyond what ifs?

Reality is a strange phenomenon which stands right in front of us, yet hide behind the wall of what ifs and whys. This wall is the biggest hurdle in our way to accept present, and to stop rewinding the clock placed at our side tables in our sleepless nights. This wall is perishable, yet quite strong. This wall is purely psychological and stands upon the foundation of a brick named “what if”. And these what ifs are unlimited and boundless. Beyond “what ifs” lie “what iss”. We need to move beyond what if and reach to what is, and realize that “what iss” are also unlimited and boundless. Its time to realize and accept that all what ifs are answer-less. All what ifs are just a deception which we gladly become part of. All what ifs are mere walls in the ways of our happiness. So lets renounce upon what ifs and focus on what is. Accept what is. Envision what is. And be grateful for what is.


3 thoughts on “Beyond what ifs…

  1. Yes that’s a fair objective. Unattainable, but laudable. We do relive the bad moments, time upon time, but that is part of learning, the cumulative wisdom of a life. And the more severe the regret, the more profound the lesson. I would prefer to say embrace that, and live with the knowledge.

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    1. Yes that is a positive approach indeed. However, there are many among us who are unable to deal with regrets in a positive way, and hence never learn from their experiences rather regrets poison their lives gradually.


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