A Ridiculous World

Whats wrong with this world?

Today’s modern life, if viewed through a lens which is not time-bound or worldly-measures-bound, presents an absurd or even a ridiculous sight in many ways. We, the human beings, well most of us spend whole of our lives aimlessly and meaninglessly. Yes, we do! Most of us spend our lives working for something which we do not believe in. We are slaves of the seven day cycle of a week. We wake up every morning, go to work purposelessly, eat undirectedly, talk pointlessly, go to bed at night and repeat next day again. And yet, we say we are living! We are an absurd species.

We face difficulty in trusting people standing right in front of us, yet we believe in whatever media says- social or mainstream. Our economists measure our happiness, our elites form policies for the poor, our teachers sell knowledge, our doctors have turned into businessmen, and our neighbors have become strangers. As cliched as it sounds, but that is a fact that we live in a connected globalized small village yet we are alienated and isolated in our loneliness. Gathering goods instead of being good has become the ultimate goal of life. Does not it sound extremely ridiculous?




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